How Organized Are You?

Once a month, I invest about eight hours organizing my office, thoughts and ideas. Why do I invest so much time doing this, because my mentor taught me I cannot go higher than my level of organization. He taught me that being unorganized will cost me time, energy and opportunities.

So today is my day for organization. How much time do you invest in being organized. When Jesus got ready to feed 5000 people on a hill, he told his leaders to organize the people. Miracles happen when things are in order, so if you are not organized, invest some time in getting organized.

  • Is being messy and unorganized costing you?
  • Is it hard for you to find what you need, when you need it?
  • Is your car junky?

Invest in becoming organized!!!


Dr. Will is founder of Will Moreland International and author of the critically acclaimed book Genius Potential. He is also author of 10 other books that range from finances to relationships. Known as one of America's leading Leadership and Lifestyle Experts. Thousands follow Dr. Will's wisdom from around the world, following him on Facebook, Twitter and attending his live events. Dr. Will helps individuals navigate a better life, allowing them to grow their personal leadership and Live In Vict...

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