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Leading well consist of doing three basic things that are broken down into sub-categories. I will only deal with the three major components in this blog. When you master these three things you begin to lay the foundation for a leadership legacy that will stand the test of times. When you look at the very best leaders they have these three components and do them well.

The three components are Vision Casting, Communication Skills and Compassion.

Genius Leaders are able to vision cast and cast the vision in a way that is compelling and makes people want to be a part of the journey. When I think about Martin Luther King Jr. he displayed this ability well. When he made that infamous speech on the Washington Monument and said "I have been to the mountain top." He used words to paint a vivid picture of the future. Genius Leaders work at using words that will inspire, infuse and ignite fire in those that hear them speak. When I was in the military, General Eric Shinseki came to speak to my graduating class. His words pierced me and I still can recall them today. He spoke about how important my job as a Non-Commissioned Officer would be and the impact I could have as a young leader in the Army. Genius Leaders use words to paint pictures.

Possessing great communication skills is a must for a leader that wants to influence their teams. A major part of being a leader is ensuring that what you are communicating is understood, not just stated. Many times a leader will state, but not wait to see if they are understood. I have learned that it is a good practice to ask those you are talking to, to repeat what they think you are saying. This saves time and ensures everyone is on the same page. Many leaders frown upon taking this essential step to make sure they are understood, but Genius Leaders know the value of being understood. Compassion is a trait I see missing in many people that lead. When you understand that leadership is a privilege, you will have a different perspective. Jim Collins in his book Good To Great outlines this trait in level five leaders, and John Maxwell calls a leader that has this trait a leader that has reached the pinnacle of leadership.

Compassion takes you outside of yourself. Leadership is not about you, but those you lead. For you to have an impact that matters in a positive way, you have to have compassion. When leadership flows from compassion, you know it's about people and not processes. Genius Leaders have and show compassion.

Integrate these three components into your leadership and watch your influence soar.


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