Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

What is it?

Search engine marketing is a form of “internet marketing” and is widely practiced today. Using a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), paid placement and paid inclusion will drive up your online visibility and increase your traffic greatly. In turn this greatly increases sales of your businesses product or service.

What does it do?

Each form of search engine marketing accomplishes different tasks. Search engine optimization affects your websites position in search results for any given term. For example if you want a Christmas tree and a person searches for “Christmas trees”, right now you may be several pages in. However using search engine optimization can bring your rank up to the first page thereby increasing your traffic.

Paid inclusion and placement often achieve a different goal, paying to have your ad displayed in a prominent spot. While traffic is often a prime reason for these kinds of ads, because of their cost they are used as brand awareness for companies with larger advertising budgets.

Where did it come from?

Search engine marketing came from the popularity of the internet which lead to an increased demand for internet advertising. Early on webmasters learned they could perform on and off page optimizations which greatly increased a websites rank for a specific term, this is known as search engine optimization.

Why does my business need it?

Online shopping has increased exponentially causing businesses to compete for business online. This “arms race” for internet ad space has caused a boom in the search engine marketing industry. Not only are the results yielding far more than traditional advertising but now almost every business is online. If your business isn’t competing online it will eventually lose out.

More money was spent on internet advertising last year than all other forms of media combined. In just North America over US$9.4 billion dollars were spent on search engine marketing. These numbers are staggering and it’s only just begun. There is plenty more room for your business to compete and succeed online; don’t wait get online.

Who does it?

Many companies perform search engine marketing, often though they seem to split at the hip. Most SEO companies are separate from PPC or paid inclusion companies. The few exceptions are generally larger companies proving that search engine marketing is becoming a viable advertising solution. Since there are so many SEM companies they have begun to section off and specialize which only happens when a market demand is high and supply is low. To find a local internet marketing company in your area that performs search engine marketing simply type your city, state and service desired.


William Atkin is a writer for the web design/internet marketing company Utah Web Services, a subsidiary of Wiworks Inc. For over 9 years they have provided regional and national web services to clients in all industries. We have provided Utah Search engine optimization to business nationwide.

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