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Search engine optimization is a process that involves performing tweaks on web site to increase its ability to rank highly in search engines. Many great search engine companies can rank on the first page or top ten in search results from major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. These kind of results are called “natural” or “organic because they are based solely on the search engines algorithm and are not manipulated.

There are several different things involved in search engine optimization which can include images, local search and “vertical” search engines. Search engines choose which websites you see based upon their algorithm. So if you type in “Utah Search Engine Optimization” you will see some ads and the natural results. Most people choose the first search result depending on it’s relevancy of the initial search term.

There are two recognized types of SEO; Black hat and White hat. Black hat means that search engine results are achieved using deceitful or manipulative tactics. Most professional firms do not use any of these methods because of the great risk it entails. You can be charged legal but perhaps worse your website will get banned from Google’s search engine all together.

The second is White hat SEO which is the main stay of internet marketing. Most companies perform this type of SEO and can yield amazing results from it. This type of search engine optimization typically involves techniques focused on making a website authoritative and popular. Because these two factors are the base of which all search engine algorithms work from achieving these two things can help you rank well. Be careful and think when you choose your search engine optimization firm.


William Atkin is a writer for the web design/internet marketing company Utah Web Services, a subsidiary of Wiworks Inc. For over 9 years they have provided regional and national web services to clients in all industries. We have provided Utah Search engine optimization to business nationwide.

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