25 Ways to become a Great Team Leader

1. Develop a Set of Goals with all your staff members

2. Have a crystal clear plan, a road map to achieve those goals.

3. Develop a great attitude in the work place.

4. Constantly talk to them about those goals and plans.

5. Develop a strong team spirit among your workers

6. Have regular team meetings, ask questions, interact with them, talk to them about their sales targets.

7. Be a role model

8. Develop a Competitive but a co-operative climate.

9. Organize sales training on a regular basis

10 A good impression about yourself will make the team more confident.

11.Always talk good about your company and the products you sell.

12.Set realistic sales targets. Let your sales targets be challenging.

13.Never make promises you can't keep. Under promise and over deliver

14.Never entertain gossip. Gossip will split your team and ruin relationships.

15.Set clear Objectives.

16.When you leave the premises tell them how you can be contacted. Give them your mobile number and email.

17.If there is a job vacancy advertise internally. Choose the best candidate.

18.Be a good Communicator a great Councellor.

19.Always show Empathy for your fellow employees

20.Neve make hasty decisions. Don't procrastinate

21.When you are away make it clear who is responsible to be contacted. Make it clear to everyone.

22.Rewards and Recognitions are very important in a Sales Environment.

23.Never dwell on problems, concentrate on solutions.

24.Learn the Art of Listening.

25.If anyone in your team demonstrate leadership quality don't be threatened. Make sure you harness their initiative and build on it.


Winston Saga is one of the world's leading sales legends. He is also the CEO of Sales and Motivation International. Winston has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the field of sales and personal development. Winston Saga is often referred as the Brian Tracy of the Pacific. During the year 2003 International Biography Centre, Cambridge- United Kingdom selected Winston ''International Man of the Year'' for his outstanding contribution to sales and Service. He has written 10...

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