W.K. Kellogg Quotes

As a boy, I never learned to play.

I feel kind of blue. Am afraid that I will always be a poor man the way things look now.

I sort of feel it in my bones that we are preparing a campaign for a food which will eventually prove to be the leading cereal of the United States, if not the world.

This announcement violates all the rules of good advertising.

This advertising will arouse the curiosity of the entire city.

Don’t give out samples before then. If anybody winks on Monday or Tuesday, tell them to wink on Wednesday.

Dr. Kellogg and others did not seem to believe at the time that the business was susceptible of being developed.

I confess at the time I little realized the extent to which the food business might develop in Battle Creek.

I was so overloaded with work that I am conscious that very little, if any of it, was performed satisfactorily.

I did the work as business manager of the Sanitarium and got no glory and very little money.

I was always notified when insane patients succeeded in getting away.

For twenty-two and one-half years, I had absolutely lost all my individuality in you. I tried to see things through your eyes and do things as you would do them.

I never, at any period of my life, aspired to become wealthy, but the fierce competition perhaps developed a fighting spirit, and in the effort to secure our share, the business has succeeded. It is my hope that the property that kind Providence has brought me may be helpful to many others, and that I may be found a faithful steward.

Dollars have never been known to produce character, and character will never be produced by money.

I’ll invest my money in people.

I would give all my money just to see the sun and the green grass again.

I am myself lamentably ignorant. The competition in the business world is such that the people with good educations are usually those who succeed.

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