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Hi everybody, and welcome to my very first blog. My name is Wolfgang Bloomfield, but I am better known as “Wolfie “which I like better. I live in sunny Tenerife, and I´ve been here for around about ten years now. I couldn’t stand the weather in England anymore. I am married to my beautiful wife Cynthia , and we´ve been together now for 36 years, so I take it that you now know that I am not a young man anymore at 61 years of age. But age doesn’t matter as I have had a really interesting life. We have two beautiful girls, Sabina, and Danielle, who are both grown up and making their own way in life.

The only problem with living in Tenerife is that it is not easy to find work here. When I first came here I was able to make my living by playing guitar in the bars, but as the number of tourist where dropping, it became harder to find bookings as Tenerife is only a very small Island, and it almost totally depends on the tourist trade. So for the last few years I have been making my living by selling excursions up until around about two years ago, when I lost my job, because of the lack of tourists.

So you may be asking how I make my living now. Well I decided that I could not rely on making money here as it is almost impossible, and I didn’t want to move back to England, as there is not much chance of finding work there at my age, and anyway I could not face the idea. That´s when it hit me! Why not broaden my horizons and work worldwide on the internet? But I didn´t have a computer, and didn´t know how to use one anyway. But I´m quite a determined chap and got myself a lap top and some of those how to for dummies books.

It took me over a year to start to understand how to use it and to find out how to make money. That’s when I took up internet marketing as an affiliate marketer, and I can tell you it isn´t easy. I did not want to make a website, and didn´t know how to go about it, but as an affiliate you don´t have to have one. It is only in the last six months that I have started to make some money. Don´t get me wrong, it´s not a fortune but at least it is a start, and now I am making enough to pay the bills and treat me and my family a little when I want to.

The problem with being an affiliate without a website is that it is impossible to build a list of people that you can email your offers to. So I have decided to build my blog and hopefully increase my own list of customers, who I hope I can help start their own internet business and make friends with so that we can exchange ideas and help each other along the way. I have to tell you that this business is full of shark´s trying to part you from your money, with promises of making you rich overnight, there are no get rich schemes. I know I have parted with my own hard earned cash!

This blog is for like minded people, and I want us to exchange ideas, and when I find out any new information that can help, I will post it here, and hopefully people will leave their comments, which I will check on a daily basis, and answer questions when I and if I can, or at least find the answer for you if I can´t answer it myself.

The only thing that I ask you to do is, not give up. It is possible to make a full time income on the internet but it won’t happen overnight. It requires persistence, determination and of course some money. But you cannot set up any business without some expense, but I hope that I can help you keep this to a minimum, so where possible I will direct you to some products and tools that you can use for free.

So let´s make a start, let’s get acquainted and please leave your comments below. Be sure to keep coming back for updates and answers to any of your questions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Here’s to your success!



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