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Action plans are fairly common in business, but probably done wrong as often as not. A lot of people do not understand what an action plan is and often mistake it for a COE or Correction Of Errors, not one of my favorite types of documents. Having a good action plan starts with an understanding of what an action plan is and a great action plan example would be a huge help in this.

An action plan is a forward looking document and should be addressed as one. When looking at an action plan example one should take this into account. Action plans prevent business gaffs, keep everyone on task and help smooth out operations. In a way they could be considered a mini business plan, though I tend to look at them as a working business plan.

Where an action plan differs from a business plan is in its ability to be implemented on a daily basis and adhered to without thumbing through sixty-some-odd sheets of text to get to a specific point. In fact, it’s the specificity that makes all the difference in the world. Action plans can be as detailed or as general as needed, where a business plan is pretty adherent to the needs of the reader.

An example of an action plan for specific businesses can be found online all day long, but unless they meet your criteria, you will spend a lot of time changing and modifying it in such a way that you could have nearly written one from scratch. Here are a couple of the main elements for a good action plan example:

1. Name the Company

2. Desired result of the plan (Increase sales)

3. Strategy for reaching the result (Suggestive Marketing, Lead Generation ect)

4. Clear milestones to keep you on track (Evaluate conversion percentage weekly)

Sounds simple doesn’t it? When you consider that while this is a great template for reaching personal business objectives, yes it is, applying this template to multiple individuals can be a little cumbersome and require a lot of follow up. Still, this is the basic stuff you will need.

What a lot of examples miss are things like deadlines for the action plan. Even if you write a plan for day to day operations, you still need a deadline. This is important when you consider that remaining flexible and being able to make adjustments in business can mean the difference between stagnation and growth. By setting a deadline, or review point if you prefer, you are being forward-looking and showing a willingness to make adjustments as needed.

Action plan examples are a good way to see what others have done to try and remain flexible, on point and establish good work habits for themselves and their staff. Making sure you have the right action plan example to use as an example will help you to grow as an individual and a business.


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