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An action plan could be thought of as a smaller version of your business plan. It could even be thought of as a band-aid to temporarily fix what ails your business. Or it could be a pretty fast and incredibly powerful tool to help bring your business into the now. To help you decide here is an outline and an action plan example to help you on your way.

The very first thing you should do is write down your name or the name of your business. I know this might sound like you’re doing homework for school, but it important that you take specific ownership of your document. On a psychological scale, this makes you responsible for the action plan, but beyond that, it’s an organizational issue.

Next you will have a short two or three sentences describing what you plan of action outcome will be. A good example of this would be something along the lines of “Increase sales through excellent customer service.” Or something along those lines. Keep positive.

The next thing to do is to list the step you will have to take to reach your goal. These, again can be short and detailed steps. In a situation where you are managing others you can always assign some of these steps to individuals and add a column for their results. Again, this is for organizational purposes.

Below I’ve done an action plan example of my own relating to the writing of this article.

Name: Zeeman Haus

Goal: To write 20 articles this week.

Action Steps:

1. Write 5 papers daily

2. Research daily from 8am to 12pm everyday

3. Write from noon to 4pm

4. Submit all articles by 5pm

And there you have it. Obviously action plans can be more detailed and more intricate depending on what it is you have to plan for. IN instances where there are more than one employee that is a part of the action plan, it is advisable that you add several columns to your action plan. Assign a specific area of responsibility to each employee and add columns giving specific instruction on how to accomplish the goal as well as columns tracking the results. This will help you to keep track of individual achievements.

An action plan is definitely something that can be used to set good, solid short term goals. It is a way to put things down on paper and avoid confusion on what you are trying to accomplish and keep track of those accomplishments. Look online and find a good action plan example that means your needs or feel free to modify one you have handy. Unlike a business plan, there is no specific format to follow. Even though it is a very flexible document, once you have established a good action plan, see it through. A lot of forethought will enable you to do this and keep your business going in the direction you want.


Zeeman Haus enjoys writing articles online on a variety of subjects.

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