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Branding is a very important component in establishing a new small business. Without branding your business will be one of many faceless businesses in a crowd of service providers. What are needed are a few ideas on how to put you name to the forefront of all the other names out in the market; you need to stand out. Here are some suggested methods for coming up with some catchy cleaning business names:

The myth is that you need to have your name as close to the front of the alphabet as possible. That's not exactly the truth. Most people will bypass "AAA Cleaners" because the thought is that if someone doesn't care enough about their business name to present themselves, they will not care too much about the quality of service. While looking for names in the phonebook, most people look at the ads first. What you really need is an ad in the local yellow pages that stands out. For that ad to stand out, you will need a catchy name.

Generally speaking, when attempting to come up with catchy cleaning business names you have to start with simplicity and work your way towards a solution. A lot of times the best bet is to think of things in terms of two works. The first word could be an adjective describing your business or the type of service you will be providing. That is to say if you feel like your service will be unrivalled by others maybe you should go with a descriptive word like peerless or pinnacle. Use the first word to describe the second. The second word should identify you or your type of business. Words like cleaning, janitorial or even your name would work in this capacity. Examples of this would be Supreme Services or Frontier (as in forefront) Cleaning. Even breaking things down to its simplest form can be a good deal. The name Clean Sweep springs to mind.

Another method that can be employed would be to use the name of a local or notable landmark or town for some interesting, but catchy cleaning business names. If starting a business in someplace such as Dallas, the chances of being able to name your service Metroplex Cleaners or Dallas Janitorial are probably taken. However, Emerald City Services is most likely wide open. As far as catchy business names go, you could do a lot worse than associating your business with the city that you live in, but it should be punchy.

A play on words will sometimes work as well. For example people are always trying to get the best service they can for the amount of money they are paying so a name like Maid on a Dime works well. A good play on words is a great way to come up with your brand name.

Probably one of the oldest tricks in branding is alliteration; stringing two or more words together that start with the same letter. Connie's Cleaners and Many Maids are examples of this. Ethel's Executive Cleaning Service is nice, but not an alliteration and all of your employees would most likely be called "Ethel's".

Bounce your name off some close friends and see what they think. Once you have something that appeals to you, it will roll off the tongue and with any luck conjures an image to mind. That is the key to catchy cleaning business names. I however, would not have to work at it very hard; Haus Cleaners is a no brainer.


Zeeman Haus enjoys writing articles online on a variety of subjects.

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