Contact Oprah Winfrey

Contact Oprah Winfrey

Contacting the queen of daytime talk and one of the biggest philanthropists in the world isn't as easy as just picking up the phone. I know, I tried yesterday. There is almost literally a small army of people that act as layers between this powerful celebrity and the general public. While her demeanor is no doubt sincere, she obviously is a very approachable person, it's how you go about it that really is the sticking point on ways to contact Oprah Winfrey.

One factor in contacting the pontiff of daytime is what you need to contact Oprah Winfrey for exactly. Are you a charitable organization? If so, are you seeking a donation or perhaps a little help raising awareness to your cause? Are you just an individual looking to help out with one of Oprah's many charitable causes, or like me, just wanted to know if she can swing by for some BBQ? These are all factors you need to consider. In some ways Oprah is a lot like the government of a small country, you nearly have to go through channels to reach an equitable conclusion. When you contemplate how famous she is and how many irons she has in the fire at a time, there should be no question as to whether or not she has a huge staff. My guess is; yes she probably could hire Switzerland just to do her accounting and possibly a small city in France to cook lunch for them all. Of course she could afford it, but the point is she would need that kind of staff (nearly) to keep from going insane.

If you are a charitable organization asking for a donation or seeking some help in raising awareness, there is an address for Oprah's Angels network. This address should cover all correspondence related to philanthropic topics. Through this address request further information to help you on your way.

Oprah's Angel Network

P.O. Box 96600

Chicago, IL 60693

For other topics such as getting a book endorsement or approaching Oprah in regards to any other business proposition, you could always reach out to her publicist. Though I imagine she has a team of them working for her, the main contact is:

Lisa Halliday

Harpo Productions

Harpo Studios

110 North Carpenter Street

Chicago, IL 60607-2146

Yes, I know you can always email the Angel Network or Harpo Productions, but getting a paper response sometimes requires a paper enquiry. This is especially true for someone wishing to send Oprah a book or manuscript. These will no doubt have to be evaluated and prescreened before they are passed on to Oprah herself. (The mail that lady must get!)

Remember that you are standing in a very long line and the chances of actual contact with Oprah are about on par with finding a four leaf clover in New Mexico, but patience and the right type of cause and perseverance will help you achieve your goals. While I am positive all huge decisions related to Oprah rest with Oprah, there are many people who work on her behalf.


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Have a question for Zeeman?

Maur Lorenz
8th January 2016 12:32am
How can I ask a personal (not anything bad!) question to Oprah?

EC site Administration
8th January 2016 1:10pm
Hello, Maur ... and all other readers who want to contact Oprah Winfrey.

PLEASE NOTE that Oprah will NOT get your message if you try to post it here as a comment.

The proper way to contact Oprah is through one of the recommended contact methods noted in the above article.

The purpose of the article is only to provide you with contact info for Oprah.

EC Site Author Support/Administrator

Laura Parrish
2nd March 2016 9:39pm
I thought that the Angel Network shut down when she shut down her talk show. How current is this info / address to be able to reach out to her in regard to donations for charitable causes? Thanks!

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