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Everyone is going green. It’s not only socially, environmentally and morally responsible, it can be a little profitable as well. There are tons of going green articles published every single day touting that this business or that has “gone green”. What effect does this have on their business? Lots I say, and I’m going to argue the point now.

In December of 2009 the New York Times published an article that talked about Boeing’s efforts to save money and voluntarily be more green. While this was a lead in for an article on international emissions reporting, the point was solidly made that Boeing is a shining example of corporate responsibility in the fight for the environment. Is this good for business? Boy howdy is it ever!

Responsible consumers look at things like this when making a purchase. For a company in the airline industry to reshape its image while acting in a responsible manner is better advertising than 100 commercials on TV. In business that is often thought of as being a major contributor to CO2 emissions by most people looking eco friendly is a boon. But how does this apply to small business?

By advertising as “Green” and backing it up, small business is able to bring in new clients in the same way. The key is in going green articles. Type “going green” into Yahoo and you will literally get 671,000,000 returns. If you type in Barack Obama you only get two thirds of that, while Zeeman Haus will only net about 34,000. I have a little ways to go yet. But the point is that “going green” is huge and a huge business opportunity if you can spin it right.

Writing green articles or articles with a “green theme” gets you out on the market and makes selling to people a lot easier. By going green you put your business in a position to hedge out some of the “nongreen” competition. Ironically, some consumers are willing to pay a little more for Earth friendly products, and this is a very good thing for you.

Using green practices in business now is a morally responsible option and should be observed. The only thing that would be worse than not being green in your business would be saying your green and then proven not to be. In some ways this would be a Milli Vanilli moment that most likely would kill all your credibility.

Green news is good news too. For those small businesses without a website to promote their greenness or just might need that added boost, contacting your local paper about running an editorial or inviting them to tour your green business, is a great idea. Papers are getting into the green act as well, so these types of green articles sell some copies. You’d be surprised how many newspapers are looking for local news leads every single day; give them one.

Living and doing business green is smart and definitely needed. While it might appear that I have a little bit of a pessimistic view on companies like Boeing that is far from the case. I am just pointing out that it is good, smart business as well. This type of corporate environmental awareness is definitely needed and appreciated by all.


Zeeman Haus enjoys writing articles online on a variety of subjects.

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