International Unsecure Business Loan

Gaining an international unsecure business loan is sometimes a must. The benefits of having these loans are in gaining funds quickly and not having to liquidate assets to gain the funding you need.

Typically, an international unsecured business loan will be granted by an institution to corporations, financial institutions and high net worth individuals. High interest rates and the fact that these loans are unsecure will generally prevent Joe Taco Stand from taking out one of these. And they are probably doing Joe a favor. The interest rates are incredibly high (11-22% in some cases) and why Joe would want a $1.5 million loan at 22% is beyond me to begin with. Nope, for most people an international unsecure business loan is out of reach.

To understand how things work though, let's look at the criteria for an international unsecure business loan. Mostly you would have to already be in business or otherwise show where you have succeeded in business in the past. Like any other type of loan, having a proven financial record is required as well. The more stable your company and the longer profitable history you can show, the better you chances of getting the unsecured loan.

For the individual, the criteria are a little more stringent usually. You would need proof of money coming into your account on a regular basis and to show how much money is coming in. Mom's social security check would not qualify her for a $150,000 loan from a British financial institution. However, an inheritance, endowment or interest from several large accounts would suffice. A proposal of the type of business you would be opening as an individual would have to be set forth, so brush up your business plan and so that it cuts the mustard.

Interest rates are not always determined the same way. For example the LIBOR is the London Interbank Offered Rate and changes every day at 11:45 am London time. Knowing which rate your financial institution uses is important when you think about a difference of .5% of a few million dollars. Though markets are not well at the moment, some have slumped and are hurting a little more than others, keep this in mind as well. For example an international unsecure business loan in Poland would come with a 22% floating LIBOR which would means the rate is adjusted daily. This is a lot to keep up with. If there is no penalty for an early payoff on such a loan, then the daily rate (LIBOR in this case) would apply.

For the most part these loans are high interest and low duration. In other words they aren't like a 30 year mortgage; repayment can be due in as early as six months. Again, this is just not something recommended for the starting entrepreneur, even if they were to gain a smaller loan of $150,000. Repaying a loan like that in such a quick manner would be a hardship to some businesses unless they had a definitive plan of action. Businesses with a quick turnaround and an established source of ongoing income could benefit from these loans. As I said earlier, they are a good source of fast capitol that does not require liquidating any assets.

The question about international unsecured business loans is; are they worth it? The answer is in your business plan and lies with your CFO. They have their place in business.


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Awunglefac Thomas
23rd May 2014 3:02pm
Sir, i am interested to receive a loan for my grave pick project; i dont have collateral i am from Cameroon:Africa:
Best regards
A Thomas

much jainudin
19th December 2014 7:18am
introduce my name: Mr.much.jainudin, I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia, my age 35 years old this time I have family / married, I beg to submit additional loan capital for my business in the field ofclothing merchants for $ 70,000 with a payback period for 10-15 years.I have the aim toimprove the quality of life for me and my family from economic difficulties I face today, I want to develop my business if you are willing to give and help me to lend additional capital for mybusiness and helped me ... Read More

18th January 2015 3:07am
Good day, urgently need a loan of $ 3000-5000 dollars.
Guarantee repayment of the loan at the agreed time, really need your help!
Best regards,Romans M,
4th November 2016 9:35am
Am a school proprietor in Africa would you consider me
For $10000 loan?

7th February 2015 3:33am
Could i get an email contact for you,i am located in Toronto Canada.

26th May 2015 5:06pm
I want small loan $100000 "that I need it to cover small business project.regards.

Nick Kangwa
4th July 2015 2:43am
I run a website car export business from Zambia and would like to start holding cars and trucks in show rooms. Would like to venture into patnership. Please do not hesitate to contact me

17th August 2015 5:39pm
I have a small cafe that l'd need $15 000 for and will guarantee repayment in 5 years on monthly installments

Godfrey Chibesa
8th September 2015 1:42pm
Am a Zambian based citizen and we have a land of 4 Hectares with my partner. Our business plan is to construct 100 residential houses for rent. Meaning, we do not have fund to commence the project. If u would assist us with a loan or we become partners and work together on this project we will apprecoiate, Regards.

Amolak Ram Khullar
28th October 2015 10:23pm
I am interested to have loan for my manufacturering unit at Noida India.
We are in manufacturing of LED lights for the last 7 years.

Samuel Amakom
12th November 2015 4:21am
Hello & greetings, I'm Samuel, citizen of
Nigeria, 24 years of age, live & reside in plateau
state. Writing the apply for a loan of three
hundred and fifty thousand naira (350,000) to
start up a laundry and barbing business here in
Jos, plateau state, Nigeria . can I apply for your services Jos plateau state, Nigeria and how do I access it, your interest rate and payment scheme schedule for one 12 months. would be glad to hear from you.
thank you
Amakom Samuel

hari shrestha
10th January 2016 10:27am
Hello sir I am from Nepal I have small business a provision store.I want to make my business wide.I want some 120000us$ loan for improvement of my business.please help us in small interest for 10 years back payment.

hari shrestha
12th January 2016 9:08am
I am from Nepal I have my own business a provision store.I want about 100000$ for improvement of business.I was in loss because of earthquake in April please help me I will pay you with your interest rates within 10 to 15 years.

J. Y. R. V. De Silva
28th February 2016 9:43am
We are engaged in manufacturing & exporting of machinery & equipment needed for producing bio-mass briquettes (Fire - Logs) world wide. Now we have decided to setup a Briquetting Plant in Malaysia to produce & export briquettes to the EU. We already have LOI from those buyers. The total cost of the project is US$600,000. We are in need of a bridging funding up to US$100,000 immediately to meet the deficit. Please let us know if you could kindly assist us in this regard. We thank you ... Read More

Bambang Djamma
15th June 2016 12:29am
I have small business in education training and selling of stationery (office/writing tools), PC hardware/accessories, copier, printing and other equipment. In order to develop and expand of our business, I need small loan to purchase writing tools, PC accessories, copier printing and other equipment. Please kindly informed if my small business eligible to get small loan and does your financial services could providing small funds for small business in developing country such in Indonesia. ... Read More
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Arnold Nell
17th June 2016 6:35am
Dear Zeeman We require R5 million, (ZAR), to list a Public Company, NewCo, on the Alt-X Board of the South African Johannesburg Stock Exchange, JSE, in November 2016. All the necessary preparatory groundwork has been done and Start-up Funds is now sought to take this venture to the operational level. The total Loan amount plus interest and charges will be paid up, as one consolidated amount, within one month after listing. Do note that even though this endeavor starts right at the beginning, it ... Read More

Olivia Josef
22nd July 2016 8:43pm
Hallow sir! My name is olivia in Namibia i have small agricultural farming project i need 500,000 to fund my agri project business, can you help me startup seed loan sir? Please!!! Email me back at my email...

Diego Sauda
23rd August 2016 8:52am
Dear Sir, after reading your posts,i would like to ask you how,in my position can i get a loan that will allow me to open a store in franchising ,in Italy,Genoa.
I am 47 ,do not have a capital,i am unemployed,have a great experience in managing a duty=free store in Miami,would like to start a perfume shop in downtown Genoa,great potential,but no assets,would you please indicate me the steps to find a loan for sure?

thanasis arvanitis
28th September 2016 6:47am
i am from Greece,and i try to find a business loan 10-12.000.000,00 euro to start to make a new bakery-pastry company.if your company deals with those loan please sent me a answer.

28th September 2016 5:01pm
Can I get an email address from you, I am in Ghana.

tim lyons
15th November 2016 6:32pm
I am looking for a business loan of 1.4 million euro and what it would cost over 10 years
thanks tim

David Gathercole
23rd November 2016 10:49pm
I need a small business load of 250000 US Dollars in Thailand. Would you consider my application?

8th December 2016 2:51pm
Sir, i am waiting for your factual approval of my request for unsecured loan of $100,000.00 USD FOR Transportation services in Nigeria.

Charles Watson
5th January 2017 12:09am
Good day. I need an urgent loan to start my international business. Need US$ 1,000,000,00 asap. Can pay it back within 3 years with 50% intrest rate.

Wamola Mwangwa
22nd April 2017 2:09pm
Hello hi! I am business trader in Tanzanian, Africa whom I want to buy some machine worth $ 70,000 with start up loan,repayment of 5 yrs.

Advice me if I am qualified.

chaithnath bridgemohan
20th May 2017 10:06pm
i live in the caribbean and have a business can i get a loan

Linesh Bhika
2nd June 2017 8:44am
Require business loan of $ 150 000 to start new transport company.Payback within 5 years.
Based in South Africa.

Many Thanks

gagiu iulian laurentiu
22nd July 2017 11:49pm
I need a loan about 50,000 USD for a potato chips bussines. Can you help me ?

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