Measuring Effectiveness of Your Team

I recently read a quote that said "teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success." With any overhead being too high and most of the bottom lines being slightly lower than they used to be measuring effectiveness of your team has never been more important. It's all about consolidation and forming a plan of attack based on your team's unique qualities. Before you can step out with your battle plan firmly in place you really have to take stock in your team and measuring effectiveness of your team is the first step to doing so.

While there is probably not enough room in the article to give very many tips on measuring effectiveness of your team, having an idea on some common pitfalls and what to expect if you were to begin evaluating is probably a good idea.

Leveraged time is probably one of the biggest and most common ways to measure your team's effectiveness. If you find that you yourself are working too hard or too long on projects then there is almost a certainty that you are in need of a revamp on your team. This is usually an indication that you are not effectively utilizing the individuals you have or need to add new members. Another possibility is looking at the individuals on your team as well. If someone else on your team is spending considerably more time working than the majority of the rest of the team, chances are they are overwhelmed and could use a little help as well. Analyzing how much time spent by any individual in your team is another way to get a snapshot of measuring effectiveness of your team.

How well your team communicates is another way of measuring effectiveness of your team. This is particularly important for a team that is working on more than one project at a time. The reason for that is simply that without communication your project load could be a little more lopsided than it needs to be. That is to say, you might encounter deadline delays waiting on a specific task from an individual who was not aware of the best way to prioritize their multiple tasks.

These are the two most common pitfalls where team effectiveness can fall short. There are many others, but the beginning of the end usually will start with these two problems. One way of measuring effectiveness of your team is to either take a course online or at your local community college. These courses will provide you with check points on business practices, hiring and retaining the right people and how best to utilize your team members.

Hiring a consulting company is another, but more expensive option. They can provide you with a third party and neutral overview of your team. These are useful for several reasons; these services specialize in streamlining teams and offer solutions. They do this as their core business and will provide you with tools, training, suggestions and a long term plan for maintaining team effectiveness.

Even if your team is running at optimum performance, measuring effectiveness of your team is a good way to provide a check-up to your productivity and establish a baseline to work from for future expansion. Taking some courses, subscribing to an internet service or hiring a productivity firm for evaluation will prepare you for the future and help you maintain optimum performance in the present.


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