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Here is the usefulness of knowing your Oprah Winfrey contacts. Getting in touch with Oprah in the flesh, through email and on the phone is probably harder than getting in touch with Barak Obama. Actually, there is no “probably” about it. Jason and the Argonauts had a shorter, let perilous journey to reach the golden fleece, that the average person does of getting to just meet Oprah. However, it is not impossible and she does make herself somewhat available through the proper channels. You just have to know what channel to tune to.

Oprah has her finger in so many different pies that clearly defining the reason for contacting her is probably going to be your first step. If you are a writer (please read me Oprah), wanting to make a donation to Oprah’s Angels, in need of a donation or are just wanting tickets to the show, there are definitely individual points of contact for each need. I was feel journalistic the other day so I called a few and was surprised at what I found.

Every celebrity has a publicist and Ms. Winfrey is no different. In case you are wondering what a publicist does and why I would include one in Oprah Winfrey contacts, here’s your answer. A publicist is someone who promotes their client and enhances or protects their reputation. So if you have a great photo opportunity or some great public reations tidbit you would like to pass on to Oprah you would contact: Lisa Halliday, Harpo Productions, Harpo Studios 110 North Carpenter Street Chicago, IL 60607-2146 or contact her by phone at 310-278-5559. I called that number twice yesterday and it worked both times.

Oprah still has an agent. While most people with agents are always trying to get their agent to find them more work, I get the impression that Oprah’s agent spends a lot of time turning jobs down. But if you think you might have an offer that no one could refuse you can always write to Oprah Winfrey's Agent: Kevin Huvane Creative Artists Agency 2000 Avenue Of The Stars Los Angeles, CA 90067 or reach out by phone at 424-288-2000. Calling will most likely get you parked for a minute or two until someone can answer the phone and direct you back to the address for correspondence. For charitable causes Oprah Winfrey contacts are easy enough to find. Basically though, you’d have to direct all correspondence to Oprah's Angel Network P.O. Box 96600 Chicago, IL 60693. If you find yourself on the Angel’s Network website, there is a phone number listed someplace in the contact link. However, I can tell you first hand, calling it will result and being referred back to the website. The folks that answer the phone for Oprah’s Angels are friendly and will direct you to where you need to be expeditiously.

The greatest thing about Oprah Winfrey contacts is that they all know one another and are pretty well versed at telling you the information you might need. For example I called Harpo to ask for a charitable donation. I knew I was calling the wrong place, but the person I spoke to directed me to the web for the Angel’s network and even thanked me for calling. You don’t get that type of service anymore.


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