LinkedIn Marketing – How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

3. Optimize Labels

Don’t forget to add your website, blog, or any other relevant URLs to your profile. LinkedIn allows up to three. In the section labeled “Websites”, most LinkedIn profiles use the labels “My Company”, “My Blog” , “My Portfolio”. You have the option to customize this and add your own text for the label, say your company’s name. Use the drop down menu to “Other” and just add the text. Why is this important? It’s just a detail. Not at all. As search engines crawl the web your name won’t be lost among all the “My Company”s. You won’t get massive amounts of traffic driven to your company’s website from this alone, but it’ll surely help. Once again, for this to work, you must set your public profile settings to “Full View”.

4. Use the Right (Key)Words to Define Yourself

Directly below your name you’ll see a headline. Now, this could be a little tricky. You should use words that clearly define you or your business, but, at the same time use keywords that are relevant to your industry and will allow others to easily find you.

5. Promote Your Blog

With applications like Blog Link and the WordPress App, LinkedIn allows you to sync your blog posts with your LinkedIn profile. This enables you to keep everyone in your network updated and provides greater exposure to your business or name.

6. Use the e-mail signature

LinkedIn offers you the possibility to create a custom e-mail signature in Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Thunderbird with a short version of your LinkedIn profile and a link to your complete profile.

7. Add a Profile Picture

This is not a SEO-specific strategy, but adding an image to your profile, whether it is your own friendly face, or company logo, will go a long way towards establishing the connections you want. It’ll make your profile look more credible, professional, and serious.

None of these strategies alone can guarantee increased traffic to your website or greater exposure. However, if they’re combined, they will greatly enhance your chances of improving visibility for your business, reaching the customers or business contacts you seek, and ultimately closing more deals.


Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur. His sixth endeavor, The Outsourcing Company, is a web design agency with offices in Aspen, CO and New York. Zeke's blog, Let's Do It! is a great Internet marketing and entrepreneurship resource for all those who want to start or grow a business of their own. Check out Zeke's blog at Join Zeke's Facebook Group:

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