Words That Sell and Promote - What to Look For in a Rockin' Copywriter

Your company's website lacks pizzazz, traffic is lagging, and monthly sales are down. Does this sound familiar? It's time to turn over your website copy to a professional. You can't afford NOT to hire a good copywriter, and writing is probably out of your area of expertise. Copywriting is a specific style of writing used to promote a person, business, product, opinion or an idea. Copywriters write compelling sales-focused copy ranging from web copy to e-newsletters.

Where do you start? The following tips will help you find a rockin' copywriter for your online marketing needs.

Create an ideal job description. Decide exactly what you need. Do you need a complete overhaul on your website copy? Do you want a dynamic e-newsletter to send to clients? Be as specific as possible when communicating your copywriting needs. You'll want to match the copywriter's expertise and background accordingly to your projects.

Request writing samples, rates and references. Collect as much information as you can from copywriters including: writing samples, resumes, rates and professional references. Check their references and talk to past clients to get a feel for their ethics and professional writing background. Interview copywriters in the same way you'd hire a new employee. They will be part of your team even if they are working for you on a contractual basis. Look for a personality match that fits with your company's dynamic and environment. Listen to your gut instinct - if something doesn't feel right, don't hire them.

Ask friends, family and colleagues for personal recommendations. The best way to track down a good copywriter is by word-of-mouth. Good writers are an investment in your business. When you buy a new car, you ask friends and colleagues what cars they drive and their car preferences. Use this same strategy when hiring copywriters. Ask web and graphic designers for recommendations as well.

A great copywriter isn't JUST a good writer. Obviously, you want to find someone with good grammar skills and who understands your brand and marketing angle. However, you also want a professional business person who can meet your deadlines and follow through with the details of your project. If they can't take the time to return phone calls or return a quote in a timely manner, you'll want to continue your search. The first impression is everything. If you make the mistake of hiring an unprofessional copywriter, you could cost your company a lot of wasted time and money.


Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur. His sixth endeavor, The Outsourcing Company, is a web design agency with offices in Aspen, CO and New York. Zeke's blog, Let's Do It! is a great Internet marketing and entrepreneurship resource for all those who want to start or grow a business of their own. Check out Zeke's blog at www.TheOutsourcingCompany.com/blog. Join Zeke's Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=52648031032

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