Communication is Important

The dictionary says that to communicate is "to impart, to give to another, as a partaker, to confer for joint possession, to bestow, as that which the receiver is to hold, retain, use or enjoy. To impart as knowledge, to reveal, to give as information, either by words, signs or signals, as to communicate intelligence, news, opinions." Despite the fact that we have incredible technology which enables us to "communicate" instantly with people all over the world, we're still woefully short on one-on-one communication skills. Effective communication skills are critical to building good relationships and to increasing productivity and the effectiveness of the people with whom we associate. Basically, leaders know how to communicate and they communicate in many ways. Once, while jogging in Chattanooga, I passed a house that had a sign which said, "No Trespassers." Underneath it, the sign said, "Trespassers Will Be Shot - Survivors Will Be Shot Again." That's communication.

Fiero LaGuardia was mayor of New York during World War II, before America entered the conflict. During his tenure he was given the unenviable task of providing police protection for a group of Nazi dignitaries who were visiting the city. He had no choice but to provide it, but he communicated very strongly by making certain that every member of the police force assigned to protect those men were Jews. I'm confident Hitler got the message. That's communicating.

I love the little story told by Herm Albright who, after watching a middle-aged waitress going about her business efficiently and with a smile for everyone, decided to compliment her on her good humor. She responded, as she continued to work, "It's like this. If you see the twinkles, you won't notice the wrinkles." That's communication.

Think about your communication skills. Practice good communicating techniques in your personal, family and business life. The better you do it, the more likely I am to SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


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