Denial Is More Than Just A River In Egypt

An incredibly high percentage of people are in denial. Something like 90% of alcoholics do not recognize that they have the problem and most will become incensed if someone suggests they do. Denial is the hallmark of alcoholism. Denying a problem never solves that problem. To paraphrase someone else, no snow flake blames itself for the blizzard, nor does a raindrop blame itself for the flood, and yet each plays a part in the problems. Each of us contributes to the overall environment in our family, place of employment, community, and, ultimately, our nation. One person, one word, one thought can make a difference in the lives, thoughts, actions and performance of other people. To put it another way, little things can make a big difference. If we're going to do big things in life, we must begin with those little things we do every day. An encouraging word; a smile; a greeting; a courteous action; a helpful gesture can make a difference in another individual's attitude or performance that day.

As an example of "little things," if my watch is four hours wrong it really doesn't represent a problem because I instantly know that it is wrong. However, if it's four minutes wrong and I desperately need to make a deposit in the bank before it closes, it can make a difference. If my flight is scheduled to leave at 9 and I arrive at 9:04, you can see the problem. I made an agreement with the airlines several years ago that if I'm not there when they are ready to go, they're just to go ahead without me. I've learned that they live up to their end of the agreement!

Make an agreement with yourself. Give up your denial and take responsibility for the human environment you help to create wherever you go. Be interested in doing the little things well and someday you'll be doing big things, which means I really will SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


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