I Have No Relationship Today With My Dad

There are many reasons for strained or broken relationships between parent and child. Damaged relationships are always painful to those involved. The good news is that relationships can be mended. The hard part is that you must initiate action that will lead to forgiveness and reconciliation. Here's how. I'm confident, based on sheer numbers, that many people who read this article will say that they haven't spoken to their father in years or that their father is dead. In the event that your father is dead, I encourage you to forgive him for any wrong he might have done to you during his lifetime. If your father is still living, I encourage you to make some contact - either in person, by phone or through the mail - and tell him you forgive him for what he did to hurt you as you were growing up. (Now, don't just tell him you forgive him, FORGIVE HIM.)

You also need to ask your father to forgive you for the part you may have played in the negative side of your relationship. I know that for many this will be extremely difficult. You might even need counseling to help you do it, but as my friend and fellow speaker Vicki Hitzges says, "One of these days you will say either ‘I wish I had' or ‘I'm glad I did.'"

Recently a young man shared with me that he and his dad had been at each other's throats for years and he hated his father. He took my advice and went to his father and confessed his hatred. He told him he had forgiven him and asked his father to do the same because he wanted to have a good relationship with him. The young man told me that they shed many tears, embraced warmly and are steadily building a great relationship. Think about it this way - you have little to lose and a great deal to gain by giving this a try. Do it and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


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