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It has been accurately stated that when you hire somebody smarter than yourself, you prove you are smarter than they are. We can apply that to all areas of ability. The sales manager should strive diligently to hire sales people who are better at selling than he or she is. That way they can share information and they will both be even more effective. Also, by continuing to learn from each sales person, the manager will stay one step ahead of all of them. Exactly the same thing applies in coaching. A good head coach seeks assistant coaches who know more about their specialty than he does and he learns from them. Ditto for managers in manufacturing, engineering, architecture, etc.

Many years ago Lawrence Welk hired an accordionist named Myron Floren. He was considered the best in his profession. When Mr. Welk told his business manager, he became furious. He felt one accordion in the orchestra was enough. Mr. Welk just smiled and said the hiring was firm. The first night the business manager heard Myron play in the orchestra with Lawrence Welk, he told Mr. Welk that the new accordion player was better than he was. Lawrence Welk smiled and confided, "That's the only kind of musician I hire." That's the best way to get to the top. That also helps explain one of the reasons Mr. Welk and his "Champagne Music" spanned four generations of music lovers. Excellence and the commitment to bring your "customers" the best possible "product" are the predictors of long-term success.

The message is clear: All of us can learn and benefit from the knowledge and talent of others. Don't be "intimidated" by someone with a more successful resume' and don't feel superior to someone who's enjoyed less success than you have. Learn from both of them and I'll See You At The Top.


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