Quit your griping - use what you've got! In 1993 the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce recognized John Foppe as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans. John worked as a speaker while in college and graduated cum laude in just three and a half years. He's also a gifted artist and an inspiration to all who know him.

John was born without arms. However, he has never let what he did not have prevent him from using what he did have. He wisely observes that even if he had the longest, strongest arms in existence he could still reach only so high and lift only so much weight. However, as John puts it, he is confronted with more unique challenges and situations every day than the average person encounters in a month. As a result, he has been able to develop his creativity to a much greater degree than most people, regardless of their age or experience. To watch him scramble an egg, paint a portrait, drive a car, ski, eat a meal, put on his coat and a host of other things is really an inspiration.

When you observe what John does without arms it tends to reduce many cases of the P.L.O.M. disease (Poor Little Ol' Me). He helps us to put things in perspective and inspires us to use what we have instead of complaining about what we don't have. Fact: The more you use and develop what you have, the more you will be given to use.

Bonus thought: When we recognize, develop and use the ability we have, chances are good our confidence and enthusiasm will grow to the degree that we will discover other, perhaps greater, talents. Buy that idea and I will SEE YOU OVER THE TOP!


A talented author and speaker, Zig Ziglar has an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture, and occupation. Since 1970, he has traveled over five million miles across the world delivering powerful life improvement messages, cultivating the energy of change. Since 1970, an extensive array of Ziglar audio, video, books, and training manuals have been utilized by small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Government agencies, churches, school districts, prisons, and non-profit associations...

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