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My friend, Lou Holtz, former head football coach at Notre Dame University and a man I admire greatly, frequently closes his talks with the statement, "Do the right thing." That's sound advice, regardless of your profession or status in life. I mention this because for a long time I've been completely puzzled by the justification process that apparently goes on in the minds of so many people. At this particular moment, I'm thinking of pet owners - which I happen to be. We own a Welch Corgi that we love very much and treat as a member of the family. I have noticed that most pet owners are pet lovers.

Now for the mystery and rationalization part. Most pet owners are decent, honorable people. They would not dream of taking their garbage with them on a walk and dumping it in their neighbors' yards. The same people, however, will take their pets - almost always dogs - on walks and pause serenely while the pet makes deposits in a neighbor's yard.

There is a device called a "pooper scooper." It's relatively inexpensive, works like a charm, and does not even require bending over. Its use involves just a few seconds and then you're on your way. In many cities and municipalities, in addition to leash laws, there are "clean-up" or "pooper-scooper" laws, as well. Yet, if you were to confront some of these pet owners who do not "do the right thing," they would be highly offended. They would maintain that they are good citizens and the dog is just doing what comes naturally. After all, it is a free country and they were just exercising their freedom.

I love what Margaret Thatcher had to say about freedom: "It does not give us the freedom from responsibility." Think about it. Do the right thing and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


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