Precious Moments

Many years ago at a family reunion in Yazoo City I had a precious moment.

We generally fly from Dallas to Jackson, Mississippi, for our family reunion, then drive over to Yazoo City. The other members of the family live much closer and as a result they generally cook and bring their food with them in their automobiles. We can’t do that, so on this particular occasion, after we arrived in Yazoo City we went into one of the grocery stores and bought a number of canned soft drinks, a ham and a turkey. We have a big crowd and they’re big eaters!

When we got to the checkout stand with the items we had chosen, the Redhead wrote a check and immediately pulled out three or four credit cards and said, “I imagine you will want to see these as well.” The cashier looked at the signature on the check and said, without even looking up, “No, in Yazoo City the only identification we need is this name.”

I must emphasize that at that time no one knew who I was, but when she saw the name “Ziglar,” it rang a bell with her. It was a special name in our community; my mother ensured the name was synonymous with integrity. At that moment I renewed a pledge I had made earlier that I would always try to do the right thing because if one of my children ever wrote a check the clerk would be able to say, “No, you don’t need to show us your credit cards or driver’s license. This name is all the identification we need.”

I’ve got to tell you that was a very precious moment for me. They were honoring my mother who always did the right thing and was much loved and respected because of it. Precious moments mean a lot to all of us. I hope you are having those precious moments; if not, I urge you to start creating them.


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