Special Olympics

The Special Olympics really touch my heart. One of my granddaughters, Elizabeth, is a special 22 year old. She is one of the most beautiful, loving and funny people I have ever known and because we have been blessed to have her in our family a whole new world has opened up to us.

I'm thrilled to be writing this article because I like to do everything I can to help promote the organization that has brought my own granddaughter such joy, the Special Olympics. One of the most inspiring gentlemen I've met in a long time, Jim Albright, feels the same way for similar reasons.

Jim thought of a unique way to help raise money for the Special Olympics. He spent the better part of over two years collecting signatures of Heisman Trophy winners. He traveled more than 70,000 miles to scoop up the 54 signatures, ranging from Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart of recent USC fame, to Earl Campbell, to Paul Hornung and all the way back to Army's Felix "Doc" Blanchard, the 1945 winner.

The bottom line is he collected all of those signatures on a football, and the football was sold to Scott Noble, CEO of Noble Royalties, Inc., for $200,000. Mr. Noble exchanged the check for the football during a presentation at the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics of Texas Summer Games this year.

Special Olympics Texas has touted Albright's extraordinary effort, although he prefers to not make much of a fuss over it. Albright has been a Special Olympics Texas volunteer for four years, first becoming involved because of his own special needs daughter.

Most of us are not in position to do what Jim did, but all of us are in position to do something that will make a difference in the lives of others, whether it's simply a financial contribution, a word of encouragement, a pat on the back, mentoring children, or helping at the annual Special Olympic Games.

Please make contributions to others. One thing I can absolutely guarantee if you do is that you will experience real joy. Think about it, take action, and I'll See You at the Top!


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