The “Bounce-Back Kid”

He died three times on the way to the hospital after a head-on collision on his motorcycle caused by a car abruptly turning into his lane. I'm talking about a remarkable young man named Billy Wright, but I'm getting ahead of the story. While in college, Billy persuaded his father to sign a note with him for $125,000 so he could buy a motorcycle dealership. After signing the note it occurred to him that he had no one-on-one sales experience so he went to the bookstores, bought numerous books on sales and motivation and studied them. He decided that the best way to build a business was to build repeat business, so he became heavily involved in relationship-selling and did constant follow-up on all of his customers. His business the first year was $250,000 and after eight years he was doing $1.5 million a year. Roughly 80% of his sales were repeat sales. Things were going well - then the accident.

Billy was unconscious for four and a half months and his injuries were so severe that his doctors said that if he had been a smoker and had not been in such superb physical condition, he wouldn't have survived.

Through the four and a half months of coma he lost 70 pounds. The first year he was awake he began what he calls the most important educational year of his life. His wife provided him with books and tapes and for the next twelve months, Billy says he learned more than he had the previous 27 years of his life. It was a turning point and prepared him for what lay ahead.

The trauma and expense were too much and he lost almost everything, including his wife, money and business, but he still had a positive attitude and the will to win. Today he is busy building a successful career in the automobile business.

It's true. The person who won't be beat can't be beat. Buy that idea, maintain the right attitude, and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!


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