The Immigrant's Attitude

Some time ago, my associate, Krish Dhanam, and I were returning from an engagement in Tampa, FL, where we had spoken for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. The flight was uneventful; we landed at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, got our luggage and loaded it on one of the rental carts. The walk was fairly lengthy and the first two hundred yards were uneventful; then we came to the moving sidewalks.

The rules regarding carts on moving sidewalks are fairly clear--you just don't do it. Krish, pushing the cart, dutifully headed for the side and I laughingly said, "Krish, on Saturday they waive the rule. It's okay to take the cart on the moving sidewalk." A nearby flight attendant said, "No, it's against the rules." Krish appeared hesitant, but I encouraged him, "Aw, come on, Krish, nobody else is on, let's do it." Krish is from India. His culture, background and training and the fact that I was his boss, created a dilemma. He knew the rules, but he respected me. He therefore complied with my rather insistent suggestion that we use the moving sidewalk.

Once we got on the conveyor I sensed that Krish was having a real struggle, so when we had the first break in the walk I laughingly told Krish that it would be okay for him to do what he wanted to do and walk alongside the moving sidewalk. With a noticeable look of relief, he did exactly that.

The purpose of the message is not to tell you about my misdeeds, but to emphasize one reason legal immigrants, regardless of where they're from, are four times as likely to become millionaires in America than those who are born here. Their gratitude for the opportunity and freedom America offers is such that most of them are very conscientious about obeying our laws. As a result, these legal immigrants make real progress in achieving the American dream.

Message: Adopt the "immigrant's attitude" and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

When you admit you made a mistake and apologize to the offended party, you are simply acknowledging that you are wiser now than you were when you made the mistake.


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