The TRUST Selling Process

The better prepared you are, the greater the chance for success. Preparation compensates for a lack of talent! The R is for “Relate,” which is building trust and rapport with the prospect. The focus in this step is on the prospect, not on you. This step is a continuous process. You should relate to the prospect through the entire process. You are continually establishing, building and maintaining trust and rapport.

The U is for “Uncover the Needs.” The purpose of this step is to identify the real needs, issues and concerns. By focusing on the needs of the prospect, you discover the real problem(s). By gathering information, you become aware of the real need. By verifying this information to the prospect, you help him become aware of the real needs. The S is for “Sell the Solution,” where you present your recommendations customized with the prospect’s benefits. Once you have identified the real needs, issues and concerns, you must present your solution. This solution and the presentation of this solution must be done from the prospect’s point of view.

The T is “Take Action.” In other words, manage the objections and then close the sale. This is when you will enter into an ongoing relationship with the prospect. Once you have related with the prospect, uncovered a need and sold the solution, you must now gain commitment on the action to be taken. If you have worked through the entire process, this should be a natural end to the conversation and formalizing all the things you have discussed up to now. By using a process you always know where you are, which saves you time, keeps you on track and helps you be prepared for the next step.


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