Up In Smoke

Recently, I saw two attractive teenage girls smoking cigarettes. I watched them and it was obvious that they were new smokers. As a father who has watched two of his daughters go through the pains of death trying to quit smoking, I wanted to give the two young women a warning and a lecture. I didn't do it, because they could rightfully have said it was none of my business. As an employer, I looked at those two girls and knew that it would definitely jeopardize their opportunities for getting some jobs. Many companies do not hire smokers. I looked at them as future parents and knew what that smoke would do to their babies, should they continue to smoke and ever become mothers. As a member of a family of twelve with only three remaining siblings, it was tempting to explain to the two girls that all the members of my family who smoked are now dead. The difference in the life span of the smokers vs. the non-smokers is nineteen years and if the three surviving members of the family live the life span their ages and general health now predict, the difference in life span will be twenty-plus years.

Yes, I was tempted to intercede, but I didn't. Surely there is something responsible citizens can do to intervene with the tobacco industry and force them out of business. Do we really have to watch another generation of children go up in smoke?

Politicians must be made to realize that it is immoral to accept contributions from tobacco companies, that we must someday pay for the atrocities we're committing today on third-world countries by shipping our cigarettes to them by the billions. Our tobacco will kill more of them than all of the cocaine and heroin that is coming into our country from their nations. Talk about hypocrisy, or "the kettle calling the pot black," we need to seriously examine our own values here in this great country. This is truly an international outrage.


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