Online Internet Business Opportunity what are the advantages?

Number one, your audience is gigantic. If you have a traditional business like say some type of store. There is only so many people that will be within distance enough to travel or to notice the store, so your customers are limited by space and time. Unless you take that same business and create an online store. Then you have just taken advantage of the internets 1.7 billion users as of Sep 2009.
Number two, the legal issues and expenses of having lots of employees. Those employees will probably have some type of medical or dental insurance and maybe a retirement plan provided by the company of a traditional business. In most online businesses you do not have employees you have team members. When I build my business online I attract like minded people toward me and build out my network and they do the same. I give value to people and they decide to be part of my team or not. I do not have to worry about the legal and expenses of employees. Every person takes responsibility for themselves, no entitlement mentalities here.
Number three, information is magnified. Information is gathered from physical interaction, books, telephones and now the internet. So before the internet if I wanted information and education I might talk to someone, observe my surroundings, be lectured by teachers, read a book, or talk on the phone. These methods while great are limited by space and time, the person has to be available and within distance to talk to, you have to have a book in your hand and see your surroundings. Interacting on the phone is not limited by space, you can talk to anyone in the world, but it is still limited by time, because they have to be available to talk. I am not down playing these methods, many times physical interaction is preferred learning over non-physical.
My objective is to take advantage of all forms of learning and the internet breaks the boundaries of space and time. With all the information available on the internet your responsibility is to sort through the bad information and get to the good. With the right online internet business opportunity you can dramatically increase your potential customers or members. With the potentially lower cost and higher ROI(return on investment) of internet businesses it is an incredible opportunity.

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