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"Evan is a master at building exposure online. If this is something you are looking at you should have a conversation with him." - Steve Carlis, Ernst and Young 2000 Entrepreneur of the Year

You're Important

Martin Luther King... Oprah Winfrey... Steve Jobs...You.

You were meant for something greater and it's time to share it with the world.

I'm here to help you discover your purpose and turn it into something that can change the lives of millions of people.

How It Works

We meet monthly or weekly (depending on the plan you pick) via a Google Plus Hangout. I help you 1 on 1 and our session goes live to my YouTube channel. You will get exposure to my audience of over 4 million views. People will follow your story and start to ask you questions. They'll be a part of your success story and want to see you grow. I charge big companies thousands of dollars for this kind of exposure.

You're going to get homework. And it's going to push you to become the best version of yourself.

It's not going to be easy... But it will be important.

Ongoing Support

Have questions during the month? Need help on your business plan? Want support on your marketing ideas?

Email me whenever you like with whatever question you have and I'll help you.

I want you to be successful and help mentor you towards your goals.

Online Mastermind Group

Every Monday from 9:00-10:00am EST. Start your week with Evan every week. TGIM!

Get the motivation, strategies, and encouragement to build a business empire.

Think bigger. Stretch your comfort zones. Create a company to be proud of.

Priority Access

My emails from you go to my priority folder. Your messages go to the same folder that my family's emails go to.

I usually check at least once a day and you get priority access to me.

Because what you're doing is important and deserves attention.

Social Attention

I'll follow you on social media.

Comment on your posts. Give you feedback. Share what I like with my audience.

Support your cause.

Join the Family

As a part of the family you can learn from and get support from the other Movement students.

Follow them and give advice and they'll do the same for you.

Because you can't do this all alone and neither can they.


"I don't want to build a movement... but I still need a mentor!"

My interest lies in helping people build important companies that change the world.

If you don't want to build a movement, I'll be honest... the odds of us working together are pretty low... you'll have to wow me with your passion.

Student Showcase

Richard Yagutilov

Richard Yagutilov - Level 5 Student

Movement: #Inspire - Inspire others by your example. It’s more about the journey than the destination. Life is supposed to be fun. Take inspired action in the direction that has meaning for you. You are meant for greatness, how do you want to express it? Do it because you love it because you are inspired to do it not because you think you have to do it. I want to inspire an evolution. That is why I create. I believe you have a gift within you. Find it and share it with the world. - Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

"Hi Evan, It was fun to do the hangout. I think I have a starting point for the 3 core ideas for #inspire... Awesome. My brotha from anotha motha ;)"

Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price - Level 2 Student

Movement: #Fantasy - Fearlessly fantasize! Don't worry that they're too crazy or unconventional, and don't judge them. Your fantasies are what lead you to pleasure and help you through pain and suffering. Don’t limit yourself! You can fantasize anything you want, anytime you want. So much is in your life because you desired and imagined it first. Share a fantasy with someone! You’ll have a closer connection and an instant ally for your dreams and desires. Write down your fantasies! It’s the first step to making them come true. Reading words on the page help you feel your fantasy, so it becomes real. - Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

"Just wanted to say... THANK YOU for the call yesterday!! I really appreciate your suggestions! I already used one of the lines from my blog post on Twitter... and have a few more lined up from that one post! And Facebook page next!  I'm super psyched about building the #fantasy movement!! I really enjoy working with you, Evan. Happy Friday. :) Jen"

Alan Borecki & Bart Wegrzyn

Alan Borecki & Bart Wegrzyn - Level 1 Students

Movement: #MakeItHappen - Ideas are what shape the world. Every project, every company, every song, every book, started with an idea…but ideas are meaningless without the passion and dedication to follow through. Some ideas you can’t shake. You wake up every day with a fire under you to make it happen. You work hard because you want to, not because you have to. You improve daily, in any way you can. You learn things you never thought you would because you know they’re necessary. You push yourself, you seek guidance, you scour your resources, anything to further your progress. The dream is real and you won’t stop until it’s yours. #makeithappen. - Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook


My goal is to get you doing important work that is making you a lot of money and having a meaningful impact on the world.

How do we measure? Through social media milestones.

This isn't going to come from advertising, spamming, or paying for numbers. It's going to happen from people jumping on your movement and involving everyone they know.

The results are measured through levels you reach:

  Level YouTube Views Twitter Followers Facebook Fans
  1 0 0 0
Jennifer Price 2  1,000  100  10
  3  2,500  250  25
  4  5,000  500  50
Richard Yagutilov 5  10,000  1,000  100
  6  25,000  2,500  250
  7  50,000  5,000  500
  8  100,000  10,000  1,000
  9  250,000  25,000  2,500
  10  500,000  50,000  5,000
  Graduate!  1,000,000  100,000  10,000
Evan Carmichael    4,500,000 200,000  12,000

The end goal isn't to get you to reach these milestones but instead create an important movement that would generate these kind of numbers and massive sales growth as a result of doing meaningful work.


Money and time.

How much? Money:

* $1,000 / month for monthly hangout

* $2,500 / month for weekly hangout

I charge corporate clients 10x times amount for this kind of support.

Time: A lot. You have to live your movement if you want it to happen. Let's change the world.

Next Step

Email me. In 10 sentences or less tell me what you're doing and why this is so important to you.

This is your application and I don't have a lot of spots open so make every word count. Make me feel something.

We'll take it from there. #Believe.

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