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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Marketing To Small Business Owners

Guest Contributor: Michael Hepworth
Michael's Posts - Michael's Website

If you were at a cocktail party and were introduced to someone who did little but talk about themselves, you'd soon become bored and wander off to find more stimulating company. So it is with business owners are disinterested of marketing approaches that are self serving. i.e. marketing that is all about the vendor and little about the buyer.

If you look at the marketing from big corporations in most cases it does little except scream; "Buy my product, buy my product!" This does not cut it with the average entrepreneur, so what can one do to get their attention and win them over?

They generally don't care how good you are until they know how much you care!

Unfortunately most corporate marketing does little to put business owners at ease because it often misses these vital ingredients.

Let's assume you sell a commodity like stationery. If you are totally focused on your category, about the only thing that distinguishes you from your competition is the paint on your walls and your signs; hardly compelling reasons to choose a supplier!

A number of firms have discovered that most business owners feel the need to educate themselves and their teams on various aspects of business success. However they feel they lack the funds and the time to get this done.

One of the most important skills is marketing.

Intellectually business owners know this is one of the most important skills to master, but most spend precious little time on this critical element of their business. In these competitive times they all share a common desire to upgrade their marketing skills but unless helped along few do anything about it.

This presents suppliers with a great opportunity to provide value added service in the form of marketing education for small business. It fulfills the old proverb; "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

A supplier that claims the high-ground by investing in a long term relationship and showing business owners how to grow through cost effective marketing, will be long remembered for their added value.

The challenge for most corporations will be to switch from the corporate mindset of brand marketing to the concept of local marketing and lead generation for small business. Small business needs low cost creative ideas that bring customers in through the door, gets them to buy more often and gets them to buy more each time they buy.

Concepts like branding and using mass media, the staples of big corporate marketing, generally do little to help small business succeed. And too much attention to these can result in sub par performance for small business.

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Selling To Small Business